Advanced American Engineering (AAE) is a full service engineering consulting firm specializing in Civil Engineering projects involving Marine, Structural, Civil, and Transportation Engineering. Developers, Construction Managers, Architects, and General Contractors hire AAE to assist with their development and/or re-development needs. We provide the necessary experience and expertise to generate design plans to solve the construction challenges and to obtain the required approvals from local and/or state municipalities located within the Tri-State area.

AAE is committed to excellence in engineering and offers comprehensive customer service and provides custom solutions for our valued clients.  We offer infrastructure and engineering solutions to government agencies, municipalities, and private developers.  We are a full service, professional consulting firm providing engineering design, engineering certification, construction quality control inspections (special inspections), civil/site design and traffic services. Our philosophy focuses on:



We take a customer-focused approach, and work closely with our clients to provide solutions tailored to their individual needs such as architects in need of structural, mechanical, electrical and plumbing services. We also work with developers, general contractors, building managers, school districts, municipal representatives (Town or Village Engineers), residential owners or prospective buyers in need of a Certificate of Occupancy, and anyone who wants to alter a structure, or wants to develop a piece of land.


At Advanced American Engineering, we recognize our clients' needs to execute projects in a timely fashion and within budget. We work with clients to meet their time constraints while monitoring cost.


We approach every project with utmost care and attention to details.